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Quality Assurance

Counterfeit Avoidance Process :  (CAP)

  • Receiving Inspection Checklist:
  • Packing Verification/ESD Verification
  • Label Verification
  • Surface Verification
  • Digital Microscopes Used for Detection of Defects or Remarking
  • Magnification Glass/Light Used for Inspection
  • Mfg Data sheets are used for reviewing Mfg Markings & logos
  • QC Trained in Counterfeit Avoidance

Advanced Check List Performed by ISO Certified Technicians

  • Marking Permanency test Performed to the MIL-STD 883G
  • XRay / De lid Die Verification Testing
  • Functional Testing/Electrical Testing

Shipping Inspection Checklist:

  • Part Number Verification
  • Quantity Verification
  • Date Code Verification
  • Packaging Verification
  • Anti Static Packaging

Excel Adheres to Strict Inspection Guidelines to ensure our customers can expect the highest level of Quality Components.

Excel Does Not Procure Product from China, Africa, India.


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