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Excess Inventory Solutions

Excel understands that maintenance and disposal cost of excess and obsolete inventory has lead to dormant and lost assets. Excel has been providing excess solutions to our customers for many years. Our Inventory Management Solutions can effectively help to support and assist with your asset recovery needs. Custom solutions have been designed to ensure a high level of effectiveness to help with all your asset recovery needs. Put one of these Excess Service Programs to work for you and free up your cash flows.

Line Item

Simply send us a list of items you want to get rid of. Quick service, quick return. We make offers on individual line items. This method can be more effective to all parties if you provide a target price that you would like to receive for each line item. Upload your excess inventory and we will send you a bid ASAP

Lot Bidding

Clean out your warehouse! A fast, favorite method with immediate financial returns, Helps to remove the inventory from your books, benefit from a tax write off and helps to free up your warehouse space. Wise choice in that it quickly frees you up to effectively re-focus your energy. Our expert surplus inspectors will evaluate and access your excess list to offer you the most return for your product. Upload your excess inventory to our purchasing dept to get started today we will send you an immediate bid.

Consignment: Our Warehouse

We will arrange for the shipment of your excess inventory to be delivered to our warehouse.

You can provide us with desired pricing structure or we can access and evaluate the inventory to ensure you receive fair market value for your excess.

We will record and report all sales and issue you payment based on an agreed upon percentage of the sales to you.

This will free up your warehouse space and save you the time and hassle of trying to sell your excess. Let our excess solutions experts take care of all the legwork for you. Upload your excess inventory to get started today.

Consignment: Your Warehouse

This plan will allow you to keep your inventory in your warehouse. Once items are sold we will issue a purchase order for the goods and issue you payment. Upload your excess inventory.

Recycling Asset Recovery

We allow for the disposal of your unwanted electronic components in an environmentally safe way.

This will also allow you to dispose of any items that you might need to scrap. We can also accept your excess that is still on boards. Upload your excess inventory.

Alternative Options

Don’t see the program you were hoping to find? If you don’t see the exact excess solution you need, upload your inventory file and a representative will contact you regarding your specific options or you may call us directly.


A knowledgeable Excel representative will assist you throughout any of these processes, ensuring that you get exactly what you need and want – and to your specifications.

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